About Baby Love Sweetery

We love to make people smile. Our means to do so is by making delicious sweets that everyone can enjoy.  It is our goal to wow taste buds with healthier, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients. In the day of food allergies, we are committed to making sweets that cater to all dietary sensitivities. We offer vegan, soy free, organic, refined sugar free, and/or gluten-free sweets that are still light, fluffy, and darn tasty. Our vision is simple – spreading love throughout the world – one bite at a time.

About Chef Krysten Littles

Hi! I’m Chef Krysten and Baby Love Sweetery is a sweet dream that is coming more and more true. I was raised practically vegetarian, so becoming vegan just after graduating from Drexel University back in 2003 was an easy shift. Well, except for when it came to my sweet tooth. I’m from Philly, so unlike my current Los Angeles home, it was not easy finding vegan treats to eat back then. So I decided to utilize my home grown baking skills, to convert some of my family recipes to vegan. The results were so amazing I couldn’t keep it to myself. I began to share with friends and family who were not vegan, as the real test. Guess what? They LOVED it! So I continued to share and made a bit of a name for myself as ‘The Cake Lady’, at local events. Now of course I didn’t go to Drexel for culinary arts and pastries, so I eventually had to make use of my Bachelors of Science degree in Digital Media.

After the passing of my dear mother Gloria Littles in 2007, I found myself at a major life shift point. So I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my dreams. I visited California with my mom as a youth and knew that I would return to live there one day. Well, one day came on November 9, 2009. That was the day that I packed my luggage and headed for Los Angeles, lean, green and full of dreams. Fast forward to 2015. After gaining my footing on my own in a very big new city, I got bit by the vegan baking bug again. But this time I was in the land of vegans; Southern California! This time around, I have a greater knowledge of healthy alternative baking ingredients and healthy living practices, greater access to organics, a larger vegan community to serve, and lots of Philly girl flavor to sweeten up my treats for all of my L.A. neighbors to savor. Instead of neglecting my schooling, I’ve incorporated my Digital Media knowledge into the development and expansion of my business. I have also recruited a small support team of friends to help with filling online cake, cookie, pie and cupcake orders as well as event support. The plan is to ultimately expand into a brick and mortar pastry boutique with an active mobile vending and catering presence. From here on out, pies the limit for this Philly girl!

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